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Brown Hand-Loomed Knitted Button Up Shirt

Brown Hand-Loomed Knitted Button Up Shirt

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Boxy loose fit button up knit shirt with collar.

Hand loomed in Los Angeles. Keep in mind due to the nature of this product it will stretch over time.

Melange Yarn in shades of Brown, Taupe, Cream & Pink.

Genuine Shell buttons hand stitched with contrast color.

Serial number and Authenticity Label sewn inside.

Fabric Composition

35% Wool
35% Cotton
30% Viscose

Garment Care

Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.
Or have professionally dry cleaned.
No bleach. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron.
Never use a hanger to store garment!

More Details

Crafted with a meditative attention to detail, this shirt paints a tactile canvas in earthy shades of Brown, Taupe, and Cream, infused with a delicate touch of Pink, reminiscent of a dusky sunset. The melange yarn, with its interwoven hues, is a testament to the harmony of nature and the art of hand-loomed knitting.

This piece is not just about color and fabric; it's an ensemble of subtle details. The genuine shell buttons, gleaming subtly against the textured knit, are hand-stitched meticulously with a contrasting color, adding a touch of intrigue to the overall design. This shirt is not merely a garment but a narrative of dedication and artistry, capturing the spirit of Los Angeles' fashion-forward ethos.

Inside, a sewn authenticity label and unique serial number reinforce Etai's commitment to individuality and quality. Each shirt, with its blend of rich colors and textures, embodies a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in fashion.

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