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Brocade Button Up Shirt

Brocade Button Up Shirt

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Boxy fit with front chest pocket.

Custom branded hardware and genuine shell buttons.

Beige interior Silk detailing.

Brocade textured fabric in Green.

Serial number and Authenticity Label sewn inside.

Fabric Composition

Fabric: 35% Wool 30% Viscose 35% Cotton.
Interior: 100% Silk.

Garment Care

Dry Clean Only.

More Details

The brocade button up shirt a garment that whispers of timeless sophistication with every stitch. Each button, delicately poised against a backdrop of intricately woven patterns, tells a story of craftsmanship and luxury. The fabric, adorned with lustrous threads that dance in the light, creates a subtle yet mesmerizing texture that is both tactile and visually captivating.

The brocade fabric button up shirt is not just an article of clothing it is an embodiment of timeless charm and understated luxury—a piece to cherish and admire, season after season.

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