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Jacquard Denim Jeans

Jacquard Denim Jeans

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Loose Fit. Button up fly. 

Custom branded hardware and waistband drawcord.

Jacquard Japanese Denim with stretch. 

Hand-written serial number and Authenticity Label sewn inside.

Branded dust bag included.


Fabric Composition

98% Cotton 2% PU. Japanese Jacquard Denim.

Garment Care

Hand wash. Hang to dry. Do not bleach. Wear for six months unwashed. Store in the freezer.
To preserve original look longer - Dry Clean.

More Details

Etai LA presents an exquisite addition to its denim collection: the Jacquard Japanese Denim Pants. These pants are a celebration of texture, marrying the heritage of traditional jacquard weaving with the contemporary aesthetics of modern-day Los Angeles.

At first glance, the intricate weave of the denim tells its own story, with a pattern that captures light and shadow in a dance of sophistication. Upon closer inspection, the complexity of the weave unfolds, revealing the deliberate artistry of jacquard — a technique that honors the past while embracing the flexibility of modern styles.

Cut to a comfortable loose fit, these pants offer the wearer both freedom and form, with a button-up fly that adds a classic touch to the innovative design. The denim itself is a testament to quality, sourced from the finest looms in Japan and infused with just enough stretch to provide comfort without sacrificing the signature silhouette that Etai is known for.

Custom-branded hardware is meticulously placed throughout, serving as understated jewelry against the denim's rich texture. The waistband drawcord, an intersection of function and form, offers a tailored fit and a nod to Etai's attention to detail.

But the narrative of these pants extends beyond the visible. Each pair carries a hand-written serial number and an authenticity label sewn inside, echoing a commitment to exclusivity and craftsmanship. This personal touch is a signature of trust between the artisan and the wearer, a silent dialogue of quality and care.

Encased in a branded dust bag, these Jacquard Japanese Denim Pants arrive not merely as an item of clothing but as a piece of heritage, ready to be woven into the lives and stories of those who choose them. Each garment is an expression of an unwavering pursuit of excellence, a seamless blend of history and innovation, style and substance.

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