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Black Hand-Loomed Ski Mask

Black Hand-Loomed Ski Mask

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Color: Black

One-Size-Fits-All Ski Mask.

Hand loomed and finished with Hand Crochet in Los Angeles. 

Melange Yarn in shades of Black, Navy & Grey.

Serial number and Authenticity Label sewn inside.

Fabric Composition

35% Wool
35% Cotton
30% Viscose

Garment Care

Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.
Or have professionally dry cleaned.
No bleach. Do not tumble dry. Warm iron.

More Details

Envelop yourself in the intricate warmth of Etai LA’s Hand-Loomed Knitted Ski Mask, a meticulous creation born from the nexus of artisanal tradition and contemporary design. This exquisite piece, crafted in the heart of Los Angeles, is a sartorial shield against the elements, rendered in a melange of organic hues that draw inspiration from the natural world.

Each ski mask is a testament to the art of knitting, with every loop and weave telling a story of dedication and precision. The melange yarn, in a thoughtful gradation of black, navy, and grey, evokes the sleek shadows of the urban evening, from the depths of the Pacific to the twilight silhouette of the skyline. Each mask is a canvas of interwoven colors, carefully chosen to reflect the cosmopolitan tones of an LA winter.

The tactile comfort of the mask is only matched by its visual appeal, making it a functional piece of art. Designed to provide warmth without sacrificing style, the ski mask features a snug yet breathable fit, ensuring protection and comfort are in perfect balance. This is the accessory that defines a look, transforming the necessary into the iconic.

As with all Etai LA creations, the knitted ski mask comes with a serial-numbered authenticity label that is hand-numbered by Etai himself. Beyond a noteworthy accessory, this mask is a wearable testament to Etai’s commitment to exclusivity and quality craftsmanship.

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