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Wool Blend Shacket - White

Wool Blend Shacket - White

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Boxy, Slightly Oversized Fit With Chest and Side-Seam pockets.

Interior Lining, Pockets and Detailed Piping made of 100% Silk Charmousse.

Branded Custom made Buttons.

Serial Number and Authenticity Label Sewn Inside.

Fabric Composition

Fabric: 40% Wool 30% Polyester 30% Cotton.
Lining: 100% Silk Charmouse.

Garment Care

Dry Clean Only.

More Details

In the creative expanse of Los Angeles, where every street corner whispers a story, the White Tweed Jacket emerges as a sartorial echo of the city's ethereal morning fogs and modernist edifices. Crafted from an exceptional wool blend tweed, this jacket boasts a monochromatic tapestry that captures the varied tones of white and light gray, reminiscent of the city's iconic morning mists that cling to the skyline before the day unfolds.

The jacket's fabric, a marriage of warmth and texture, offers a tactile contrast to the sleek urban backdrop of Los Angeles. Etai's design marries the robustness of traditional tweed with the clean lines of contemporary fashion, resulting in a silhouette that is both timeless and distinctly modern. Custom branded hardware lends a refined edge, each button and zipper a testament to the attention to detail that defines the brand.

As much a piece of art as it is a garment, the jacket bears within it a hand-numbered serial label, assuring a unique identity and the bespoke touch of limited-edition luxury. It is a garment designed not just to be worn but to be experienced, to become a part of the narrative of the city it was born in.

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