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Black Hand-Loomed Knitted Hoodie

Black Hand-Loomed Knitted Hoodie

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Boxy loose fit with front Kangaroo pocket.

Custom branded hardware.

Hand loomed in Los Angeles. Keep in mind due to the nature of this product it will stretch over time.

Melange Yarn in shades of Black, Navy & Grey.

Serial number and Authenticity Label sewn inside.

Fabric Composition

35% Wool
35% Cotton
30% Viscose

Garment Care

Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.
Or have professionally dry cleaned.
No bleach. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron.
Never use a hanger to store garment!

More Details

Immerse yourself in the rich, interlaced hues of the hand-loomed Melange Hoodie, where every stitch carries the soul of Los Angeles craftsmanship. This sumptuously textured piece converges black, navy, and grey in a melange yarn that captures the depth of the city's nightscape.

Crafted for comfort with a boxy loose fit, the hoodie offers a generous kangaroo pocket at the front, inviting hands to a casual respite. Each hoodie is a testament to the meticulous process of hand looming, an art form cherished and preserved within the walls of Etai's local workshops.

The custom-branded hardware punctuates the piece with understated luxury, each element reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and aesthetic precision. The melange of tones woven throughout the fabric evokes the fluidity of LA's dynamic skies, from the tranquil grey of morning fog to the abyssal navy of a Pacific twilight.

A hand-written serial number and an authenticity label are sewn inside, near the heart of the garment, serving as a discreet signature of its unique identity and the narrative of its creation. This hoodie is not simply made; it's born from a philosophy that champions the handcrafted, the durable, and the beautiful.

This Melange Hoodie is an embodiment of Etai's ethos—a dedication to creating garments that are as authentic as they are luxurious, as timeless as they are contemporary. It is an essential addition to the wardrobe of those who value the intersection of artisanal skill and modern design, a piece that stands as a tribute to the spirit of Los Angeles.

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