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Wool Blend Shacket - Green

Wool Blend Shacket - Green

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Boxy, Slightly Oversized Fit With Chest and Side-Seam pockets.

Interior Lining, Pockets and Detailed Piping made of 100% Silk Charmousse.

Branded Custom made Buttons.

Serial Number and Authenticity Label Sewn Inside.

Fabric Composition

Fabric: 40% Wool 30% Polyester 30% Cotton.
Lining: 100% Silk Charmouse.

Garment Care

Dry Clean Only.

More Details

Amidst the urban oasis of Los Angeles, the Green Tweed Jacket stands as a tribute to the city’s enigmatic allure after dark. The jacket, woven from a wool blend tweed, exudes the deep and mysterious hues of a dense evergreen forest at twilight, a palette inspired by LA’s hidden gardens and lush canyons that thrive beside its urban sprawl.

This jacket is a garment born from a juxtaposition of the natural and the metropolitan, designed for those who move seamlessly between these worlds. The fine wool blend tweed is not only a bastion of warmth but also a canvas showcasing the interplay of green with subtle flecks of light, mimicking the dappled light that filters through LA’s tree-lined avenues.

Custom branded hardware adds a touch of understated luxury, each fastening reflecting a commitment to detail that is the signature of Etai's craftsmanship. Inside, the wearer finds a unique hand-numbered serial label, a secret emblem belonging to an exclusive lineage of Etai LA designs. This Green Tweed Jacket is a piece of the night itself, crafted for the discerning individual who wears the essence of the city as a second skin.

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