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Rust Brown Front Yoke Dart Jeans

Rust Brown Front Yoke Dart Jeans

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Loose Fit. Zipper fly.

Drop front Yoke & Multiple pockets, including double back pockets with and without zipper closures.

Custom branded hardware.

Rust shade Brown Japanese Denim with stretch.

Hand-written serial number and Authenticity Label sewn inside.

Branded dust bag included.

Fabric: 99% Cotton, 1% PU. Japanese Denim.

Care: Hand wash. Hang to dry. Do not bleach. Wear for six months unwashed. Store in the freezer. Dry Clean to preserve the original look longer.

Fabric Composition

99% Cotton 1% PU. Japanese Denim.

Garment Care

Hand wash. Hang to dry. Do not bleach. Wear for six months unwashed. Store in the freezer.
To preserve original look longer - Dry Clean.

More Details

Nestled within the heart of Etai LA's discerning collection lies the embodiment of relaxed sophistication—the Loose Fit Japanese Denim Pants. These trousers are a canvas of deep rust shade, meticulously woven from the finest Japanese denim, offering a subtle stretch that graces the wearer with unrestricted ease.

The architecture of these pants is a tribute to intuitive design, featuring a drop front yoke that seamlessly transitions into an array of pockets, tailored for the keeper of treasures both practical and personal. Custom branded hardware serves as understated signets of the Etai LA heritage, echoing the brand's ethos with each detail.

Each pair carries its own narrative, etched with a hand-written serial number and sealed with an authenticity label, ensuring the individuality of the garment is as distinctive as its artisanal origin. Encased in a branded dust bag, the pants arrive with a promise of enduring style and a guide to retain their crafted quality.

Etai's Japanese Denim Pants are not merely worn; they are lived in, shaped by the contours of daily life and the adventures that unfold within it. They stand as a testament to a lifestyle that values the luxury of durability and the grace of timeless design.

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