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Rust Hand-Loomed Knitted Hoodie

Rust Hand-Loomed Knitted Hoodie

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Boxy loose fit with front Kangaroo pocket.

Custom branded hardware.

Hand loomed in Los Angeles. Keep in mind due to the nature of this product it will stretch over time.

Melange Yarn in shades of Rust, Burgundy & Beige

Serial number and Authenticity Label sewn inside.

Fabric Composition

35% Wool
35% Cotton
30% Viscose

Garment Care

Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.
Or have professionally dry cleaned.
No bleach. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron.
Never use a hanger to store garment!

More Details

Woven from the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, Etai LA introduces the Rust Hand-Loomed Knitted Hoodie, a testament to tactile beauty and relaxed elegance. This garment is an expression of casual luxury, handcrafted with melange yarn that weaves together the rich, earthy tones of rust and burgundy with the subtle neutrality of beige, creating a tapestry of warmth and complex color.

The hoodie's boxy, loose fit offers a contemporary silhouette, providing a comfortable drape that's both stylish and unrestrictive. It features a classic kangaroo pocket at the front, marrying functional design with a casual aesthetic. Each thread is a note in a visual symphony, harmonizing to create a piece that resonates with the laid-back yet discerning spirit of the city.

Etai's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the custom-branded hardware that accents the piece with a hint of urban sophistication to the hand-written serial number and authenticity label sewn inside to ensure its unique identity within a curated edition of pieces.

This hoodie isn't just made; it's loomed with intention in Los Angeles, every yarn telling a story of artisanal passion and meticulous attention to detail. The melange of colors is a celebration of LA's eclectic palette, from the deep hues of its historic vineyards to the earthy tones that drape its sprawling hills.

With this Hand-Loomed Melange Hoodie, Etai LA offers more than just a garment—it presents a wearable narrative of the city’s texture, a blend of its dynamic lifestyle and the artistry that thrives within its bounds. It's a piece for those who seek to embody the casual sophistication that is quintessentially LA, a hoodie that wraps the wearer in the essence of handcrafted luxury.

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